2 Long Distance Walkie Talkies

2 Long Distance Walkie Talkies

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These walkie talkies help keep in touch with roaming children and friends. With a generous 3km range (MAX 5km open field) you can wander safely off around all areas. Your 2-way walkie talkies come in a handy pack of two.


- Color: Silver.
- Material:
- Size: 14.5 x 5 x 2.6cm (LxWxH).
- 8 channel PMR system auto scan function.
- Transmitting and receiving icons.
- Generous range up to 3km (MAX 5km open field)
- Good sound quality, adjustable volume level.
- Find an open channel fast with auto channel scan.
- LCD backlit display, battery status indicato.
- Stay connected to friends and family.
- Great for supermarkets, shopping centres, festivals and any outdoor activities.


- Channels: 8-80
- Frequency: 400-470MHz.
- Power:  0.5 W
- Working Voltage: 3.6-4.5V.
- Standby Time: 120hours.
- Range: 5 Kilometers.
. PTT (Push To Talk) Function.
. Electronic Volume Selection.
- Scan / Call / Monitor (Squelch)/ Page (Call) Function.
- Fixed Antenna.
- Power Source: 3 x AA Batteries(not included).
- Dimension: 160x57x35mm (LxWxD).
- Attached Belt Clip.
- Auto Power Saving LCD Dimming.
- 5 Selectable Ring Tones.
- Automatic Tone For Receiving Unit When Transmitting  Unit\'s Talk Depressed.
- Low Battery Indicator.
- Continuous or On/Off Squelch Mode.
- 2.5mm External Speaker/Microphone;3.5mm External Charger Jack (Accessories Not Included).